Christian Fellowship Churches (CFM) is the result of an unlikely group of ordinary men touched by the finger of God that spread like the fire of world revival across the globe… In 1970, Pastor Wayman Mitchell (pictured) went to the small town of Prescott, Arizona.  Shortly after arriving, God saved a number of young hippies who were very different from anyone in the church.  But as they were welcomed, God began to pour out His Spirit on the congregation. From the beginning, people who had been radically converted sought to share with others what God had done in them.  Personal evangelism began to be one of the basic foundations of the church.  Over time, God began to reveal His plan of discipleship: Training young couples for ministry within a local church.  In 1973 the first couple was launched directly into the ministry with great success!

In 1978 the first couple was launched into another nation – Australia; and it was discovered that the Gospel worked anywhere! 

Churches were then planted in Mexico, Holland, and Germany and as we came to understand God’s global command, churches began to be planted throughout the world.  

Now, over 3,200 churches have been planted in over 130 nations of the world with the number growing daily.

Pastor Wayman Mitchell went to be the Lord September 21, 2020 and today our fellowship is under the leadership of Pastor Greg and Lisa Mitchell who continues to carry forth the vision  of World Evangelism and Church Planting.

This church is a product of that vision and is working to see it expanded in the short time that remains before Jesus’ return. God has given us a vision for the day we live in.

Our message is simple, yet it is the cornerstone of all truth. Jesus Christ is the only hope for man’s salvation and that is true with every person in every nation on the globe. In a world full of empty dreams and false promises is a truth which grows stronger every year and that is Jesus Christ and Him crucified!

Pastor Greg Mitchell